Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zergling Ladies Figure Drawing

Decided to do some figure drawing... ended up with this. Whoops! Zerg on the brain =D
Enjoy zergling pin ups!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 Zergling Costume : Face Mask

Random piece of stretchy white cotton fabric, cut up a T shirt maybe (17in x 7 in rectangle)
Acrylic paint: yellow, brown, purple, white
1 foot of ½ inch thick elastic
Sewing needle and thread (ideally), or hot glue, staples, tape
foam scraps
glue gun

1. If you’re not the artsy type you can use this as a painting guide. Here's similar colors to what I used as well. You'll need to print it on multiple sheets of 8.5/11 paper (the first two images, each are 11inches wide) or on 11x17 paper (the 3nd image). It should be 14 in wide in total

2. print it out, place the fabric over the paper, tape it with scotch tape if you’re worried it’ll move while you trace. press it against a window during the day time and trace the design using a thin sharpie or felt pen. Here's the free hand sketch I did for mine.

3. Paint! Make sure it’s opaque, you don’t want the white showing through.

4. Attach layers of foam scraps in rectangular shapes to fill out the cheeks/jaw area using the glue gun. Our faces are too narrow and angular to show off the blunt teeth filled faces of the zergling. Also you might want to add a piece or two to the middle front area to keep it flat over your lips/chin

5. Securely sew the elastic to the mask, either cut excess elastic and tie it every time you wear it, or cut it to the perfect size to fit around your head. If you can’t sew then I’d suggest lots of staples, then hot glue. But sewing is the most secure method.

6. Extend the brown paint to make sure when you cut off the excess fabric it covers your jaw completely. my template is made for my face, so you might be different. then cut off the excess fabric 

Done! Rawr and such!=D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Starcraft Lolcats

I posted these in my Team Liquid blog a long time ago, didn't realize they never made it here!

Zerg adorableness!

obviously the last image is quite old, I just never got around to posting it here =D

Thursday, November 01, 2012

1 Zergling Costume : Chest Plates

Now one problem is it's nearly impossible to find reference of a zergling's belly. So I'm just going to assume it's similar to the hydralisk's. 

This one's a super simple repetitive task, so watch some netflix once you get the hang of it

2 sheets tan craft foam
chain mail rings
hot glue + gun (Optional: duct tape too)
string or ribbon, or necklace chain, etc

 (if you wanna get fancy) coppery paint of some sort and sponge/paintbrush
puffy gold/copper paint


1. Print out the chest plate stencil pages and cut the patterns out from the tan foam. If you're a lot shorter or taller than me you might want to cut more or less of the largest pieces. I'm 5'7" and the plates I made came to 22" So adjust as needed.

2. Create sets of 3 rings chained together using pliers. Make 2 for each plate, minus 4 sets 

3. Glue the bottom two plates together. Place the extra small chest pieces in between like 
in the photo. This gives them a little more dimension. Glue the top 3 plates together in the 
same way.

4. glue one ring to the front top of each scale, and glue the top ring to the front lower part of each scale. Make sure as you do this you’re careful the rings will not show when seen from straight on.

5. repeat for all connecting scales!

6. for the top scale just attach 1 chain ring to each back top corner. then take your necklace chain and break it down the middle. hook each loop to the chain ring. now you have the whole thing attached as a necklace. Easy to put on and take off!

Now you’re done!! ...if you don’t feel up to painting anyway

7. Take the puffy paint and put it in the creases of the plates that are glued directly together.Then use the tip of the paint bottle to drag out lines in random directions.

When that dries sponge/paint the paint you've chosen on at the top of each scale to give it a rough splotchy look.

Zergling Prototype Costume

Created a zergling costume for this Halloween! It took me 3 months working off and on, a ton of craft foam and hot glue, and some chain mail links.
I learned a lot from my mistakes this first time around, now to apply that to a new version for next year's Blizzcon! I'm guessing it'll go a lot quicker now that I more or less know what I'm doing.

Coming up in the next few months, a how to guide to make your very own zergling outfit!
This thing is fully detachable from whatever clothes you want to wear underneath it and made of simple, cheap, materials.
The most important part I imagine will be creating the paper stencils for all the plates, spikes, and zergy bits!

For now, enjoy the slightly janky version =P

Zergling working hard =D